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Getting to Know the Tidan Hospitality Group

Tidan was founded in Montreal, in 1970, as a real estate organization. In the 80's, the Tidan Group acquires their first two hotels extending their activities to the hotel industry. With the additional purchases of hotels, Tidan creates the Tidan Hospitality Group in 2005. They now own and manage properties in Quebec, in Ontario and in the U.S. all with the aim of upholding the same values of integrity, efficiency, and innovation. The Tidan name has become synonymous with strong independent hotels, boutique style hotels and resorts working together for a common goal with one vision and one direction.

Tidan's strength lies in its tightly-knit organizational structure and in its hands-on approach to management and service. A dynamic collaboration between their management teams and a spirit of partnership builds on the strength of each individual hotel. This results in numerous accomplishments and new ventures.

Tidan Hospitality Group prides itself in welcoming guests from all over the world and is dedicated to abiding by the highest of standards. Please feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our superlative family of hotel and resort properties in Canada and the U.S.

Our parent company Tidan Inc. and its related and affiliated entities operate a diverse inventory of properties. Tidan's portfolio of revenue producing properties in Canada and the United States includes commercial office buildings, hotels and private members' and sporting clubs, shopping centres, residential apartment buildings and industrial buildings.

More recently, we have also branched out into the field of condominium Among the Group's principal properties are:

  • Five commercial buildings in downtown Montreal, including the Tidan Building, the 23-storey Head Office location of the Tidan Group.
  • Five hotels in downtown Montreal, including Le Meridien Versailles-Montreal.
  • La Closerie, a luxury condominium development in downtown Montreal.
  • The Nun's Island Tennis Club, situated in greater Montreal, the largest such indoor facility in Canada.
  • The Mont Gabriel Resort Hotel + Spa, situated in the Laurentian Mountains, immediately north of Montreal.
  • Three major enclosed shopping centres in Atlantic Canada.
  • The Ocean Sky Resort located on the oceanfront in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Group is especially proud of the level of activity, which it has continued to sustain throughout all phases of economic cycles. Guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Yuval and Mr. Sofer and the organizational efficiency of its personnel, the Group is ever in search of investment opportunities and continues to add to its real estate portfolio. Tidan continues to build upon its numerous accomplishments and directs its efforts towards new ventures.

Tidan Hospitality Group 1740, boul. René-Lévesque O. Montreal, Quebec H3H 1R3 Canada Phone: 514-931-8841 Fax: 514-931-5581
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